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Dropped EQ3 and damage the geers teeth

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I have unfortunately broken part of the gear box of my mount when I accidentally let It slipped and dropped, from the decking to hard floor. 

It has cut the teeth of both of the gears and bent one of the shaft.

With the helps from NSAS society, They managed to take them apart and tried to find out what replacement parts I need.

They think I need to replace two gears and one shaft. 

I attached a picture of them. Not sure if the replacement of these parts the motor will work properly.

I have emailed the dealer now waiting for a reply from their supplier. 

Here is my model 

Skywatcher EQ3 Pro GOTO Mount & Tripod

Please can anyone advise what I should do ? 







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Oh dear, that's most unfortunate! However it's not the end of the World and those two gears are not the most important in the overall drive train. Both gears seem to be the same size and I think they mesh in the same plane. You may be "lucky" and find there is enough of the damaged teeth left to still engage whilst turning. You would have to orientate the gears so that the damaged parts do not meet. The bent shaft probably can't be straightened adequately, if you could send it to me, or any machinist you might know, and I could cut the damaged part off and graft on a new piece. This could be a fix untill you can get some replacements. I have a EQ3 Pro mount, I'll have a close look at it tomorrow. 

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That looks nasty!  If you can get replacement parts then everything should work OK when reassembled

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Hi Pete if you look carefully, the other dish has lost quite a lot teeth, the motor drive one direction ok, but not the other. Do you think the mould, I mean the body will be ok ??? I dont want to buy a relacement part if the mount has also been damage ?

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As long as there is some of the tooth width the gear should mesh reasonably well. I have some spare drive gears from a Vixen motor, I'll check to see if they are the same as the Skywatcher ones.   :icon_biggrin:

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@Winniewsp. I've had a look at our EQ3 PRO today and the Vixen gears are different. I also found that the gear arrangement was different than I had expected so my previous advice won't apply. I'm afraid that the only real way forward is likely to be replacement parts. Sorry to have raised your hopes.  :sad:

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I have a similar problem gears have been sheared after mounting a heavy Newtonian telescope.  Does anyone know were it is possible to get replacement parts. 

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Email Skywatcher's UK distributor at info@opticalvision.co.uk

explaining the issue.  Warning though, if they do not stock these then you're in for a long wait for news ones to arrive.

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