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Observing the Leonids

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Good article by Alex. At the Lincoln AS last night the Brownies visit was cloudy but there were more meteors than usual being detected on the radio. Not Leonid's so perhaps Taurids. Don't forget to look out for them as well.


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HI PETE,  i can concur with you, in my experience this years shower was a non event. i watched from around midnight on friday november 17th to 2am on saturday november 18th, some two hours in total. UNDER CLOUDLESS skies and from a very favourable observing location in rural Worcestershire, limiting mag  6.  Shortly after starting my watch i witnessed a very nice zero magnitude meteor, slow, orange in colour  and emanating from the constellation of Taurus, a good beginning, but alas this was to be the last meteor i saw, thus not one single Leonid meteor observed apparently on the night of maximum, and no i did not fall asleep, it was minus 4 centigrade in my location. I covered various parts of the sky during the watch, firstly looking to the south east, then north east, and finally directly at the radiant. Any comments from other observers.  I Look forward to the Geminids, my own star sign, I might have more luck.    Best wishes   CHRIS.

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