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Telescope-Service 2" 32mm E/P


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As ownership of a case full of Naglers and Panoptics has to remain a dream, I looked at Telescope-Service's range of 2" eyepieces as a more affordable alternative -Yeh, I know about Moonfish (got their 2" barlow), but their 30mm/80 deg wasn't out at the time! :laugh::-


I've had 2 of them now for a few months - the 38mm/70 deg AFOV (41x in my 'scope) and the 32mm/67 deg AFOV, and to my relatively inexperienced eyes the 32mm in particular seems a little cracker for the dosh (98 Euros = err, £69.00-ish).

The 32mm renders beautifully crisp views of star clusters across the whole field in my MN78, and it's a great eyepiece for just drifting through the Milky Way with (I lose myself for hours on a clear night doing just that, but put that down to novice over-enthusiasm!).

I've had a number of views through other people's 'budget' 2" eyepieces and I've yet to see anything that came close - do any of you owners of medium/big aperture 'scopes have any experience of this range up against the Moonfish 30mm?? - if so, I would love to hear the opinions of those with a lot more experience than me!

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I've got the 30mm 80 Moonfish and its great in my Mak and refractor over the whole FOV but loses sharpness in my f5 Newt in the outer edges. I'd say even in the f5 scope it still gives about excellent views out to about 80% of the edge.. Good for the price but not perfect in fast scopes.


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Hi GazOC

Yep - Planetary stuff is exactly where it excels, and excel it does!

I was actually after the 6" version when I was offered the MN78 at a very attractive price due to a cancelled order (Thanks to Chris at Livingstone Telescopes!) c/w free EQ6! - and in true Russian fashion the construction is well, let's say 'solid'.

I get about 2 degrees FOV with my 2" 38mm which is enough for the Pleaides etc., and I've only cranked it up to 285x so far, but I've read reports of people far more experienced than me taking the magnification way higher than this, but that's the limit of my eyepiece ownership (and my skies)at the moment!

The bonus of buying it is that if I pop my clogs from heart failure lugging it about, the crate it came in will come in very handy as a coffin.... :laugh:

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