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Finally started

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JemC    672

I can't believe that it is over 12 months that i was given the go-ahead to sort out a observatory\shed for my nocturnal activity,
where does the time go

Anyway i have finally made a start, not the best time of year for doing it i know but hey ho!
I did have a 9x7 shed already in the garden, that however has now gone,upon close examination it really was not suitable, This does mean though
that all my equipment is currently in storage,

My pier is already concreted in place so i am having to work around this for siting new observatory\shed,

I did get some quotes for having the ground work done but they were coming in at around £500 mark, hence why i'm doing it myself (cheapskate) 

Cost to me to get ground work done,£207.40 + my time.(that to me is £300 towards observatory\shed)

wacker plate hire £29.40 (weekend hire)
1 ton gravel £50 + (£30 delivery),unless anyone knows anywhere cheaper,
10x8 Ecodeck £98 free delivery.

there was a small area that had uneven concrete that rain water seemed to pool in, so that had to go,(back breaking work and i am so glad it was only a small area)
but i think that is going to be most of the hard work out of the way,


My next step is to get the area 10x8 around the pier level, My plan for this is to level ground as best i can then put down probably 10mm or 20mm gravel, run a wacker plate over that to get nice and compact,should also help with drainage,

Once that is done i then plan on putting down a weed membrane then place some of this

Ecodeck plastic shed base then fill this with gravel which hopefully will then give me a nice solid level base for the observatory\shed to sit on,

At the moment i cannot make my mind up whether to go with wood or plastic?

if wood (reasonable cost) it will be 8x7 which will allow access all round for maintenence\treating

if plastic (slightly more expensive) i could go to 8x8 as this should really be maintence free (hopefully)

so at the moment it is ground work in progress
updates to follow

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Shibby    431

Congrats on getting started! Take your time and enjoy.

16 hours ago, JemC said:

1 ton gravel £50 + (£30 delivery),unless anyone knows anywhere cheaper

B&Q bulk delivery bags are £44, but you do need a minimum order of £100...

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