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Chris Everett

Anyone around Stalybridge

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domstar    441

Hi and welcome to stargazers lounge. Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near Stalybridge. Do you already have a telescope or binoculars? It seems there's an astronomy club about 16 miles away from you. Try the astro society finder in the resources section at the top. The contact for the club is @Peter Drew who is about as helpful and knowledgeable as they come. (not sure my mum would approve of his untidy workstation, though :happy11:)

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Peter Drew    5,429

Hello Chris. Welcome to SGL. If you can get over to the Astronomy Centre on a Saturday night you could have a play with some Dobsonians to see how you like them.  :icon_biggrin:

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cletrac1922    61

Hi Chris

Welcome from land down under over 10,000km from you, and +10 GMT

If viewing only, then a Skywatcher collapsible 10" dob way to go

10" dob is easy to transport, as slides back into itself

Get a right angle spotting scope as well, as saves having to lay on the ground when looking for objects high over head

Another trick, is also use a laser pointer, and lay along dovetail mount of spotting scope, and aim at object wanting to observe

Use mine for public displays with club belong to, as well as presentation in primary schools, space badge scout/guide movement

Attached pic taken at a recent public display, and observers looking at the moon





Skywatcher 10 inch Dobson.jpg

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Cheers for the responses if only we had weather like down under observing the night sky would be easier! Manchester is renowned for rain and cloud. 

Have been checking out 10” Dobsonian for a while def think it’s the way to go. Neat trick on the spotting scope 👍🏼

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spaceman_spiff    335

Welcome Chris, I live not too far away in Bury. I sometimes visit StalyVagas to see a friend of mine. If the weather is ever clear and I find myself heading to your neck of the woods then I'll let you know.


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