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Yet Another M42


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Sorry Chewy, I don't do gentle.

Well I don't know, yet another one to add to growing list of superb imagers on this forum.

A really good image, even though you have over exposed the centre, this is a common problem with M42.


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Good one Ian. Tracking is better on your EQ5 than with my LX90 - after 2 mins I get small star smears, not points. You also get better colour balance and contrast than I get through my SCT. :thumbright:

Maybe I need to dip my toe in the EQ5 water some time, as I am getting an 80mm semi-apo next week. I feel a hit on the bank balance looming.


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Nice image Ian.

Now go and get another 10 subs done just the same way and stack them

this will get rid of some of the noise and get more detail in the nebulosity.

Also do about 6 subs @ 30 seconds each and stack them that should take care of the burnt out middle section.

In saying all that i like it lots.

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Nice one Ian , good colour with that as well,the noise around the centre , means not enough exposures is all , looking at the image and it a good one dont worry on that score , but improvements , like they say , i would with your set up try about 10 2 mins exposures , blow the middle out to get the edges in better detail, the 10 frames will reduce the noise pretty well out the way , then do just a couple of say i min images for the core only , process both seperate , then using Ps , get them side by side using layers , then cut out the corefrom the short exposure with the lasso , drag and drop onto the other image , fade in to mix with the other image , then flatten and that way you should have a cracker.


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