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So, I tested my newly acquired DMK41 mono cam, both with and without a nosepiece reducer.

What a difference from QHY 5LII- no Newton's rings. Easy focusing, and better frame rate

Quark chromosphere
TS 60ED on iOptron Smarteq



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On 07/11/2017 at 11:32, xtreemchaos said:

great shots mate. do you get full discs with the 60ed ?, thanks. charl.

No, its a 2 pane image... when i put on a 0.5x reducer on the nosepiece, 3/4th of the sun was there. Guess, I need a bigger chip but they cost £££. Don't want to go the CMOS way because of Newton's rings. Guess I will get a full disc with my guidescope. I will try next time.


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