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Mare Imbrium, Plato, Vallis Alpe, 29th October 2017

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October 29th, my best Mare Imbrium, Plato crater, Vallis Alpe using the Celestron Nexstar 8i SCT with focal extension tubes pushing a focal length of around 2500mm with the diagonal. Camera used was the ZWO ASI224MC with a Celestron UV/IR cut off filter. Captured in SharpCap at full resolution with the 1.2mp astro camera, 3977 total frames captured in a 3 minute video, 10% (397 frames) stacked. Aligned and stacked in AutoStakkert3, wavelets in RegiStax6 and edited in PaintDotNet. The image has been cropped, converted to monochrome with some level adjustment and sharpened with high pass sharpening.

Captured in coastal suburban backyard, south west corner of Western Australia.

23_58_59_l5_ap4783_conv T7c Final.png

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