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The Green Goblin - 9 panel mosaic closeup

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Clavius and Tycho are the two familiar pair seen here'2017-10-01-0341_1-DB-L_g4_ap1045__AstWav_LRDecL_Mosaic_BriCntrst.thumb.jpg.af573bfa7e242a8db36d36dca7975bc9.jpg (Original file 24.6 MB 2017-10-01-0341_1-DB-L_g4_ap1045__AstWav_LRDecL_Mosaic_BriCntrst.tif).  Actually this composite was a first attempt in imaging through my newly completed 12.5" F10.0 dobsonian 8CB3831D-5198-4A65-AAF2-E8E089081557-616-000000ED9941B83D.jpeg.867a06be5917bcff5b68b5060be6d841.jpegThe moon mosaic was taken through the CMOS ZWO 224mc camera using an IR cut filter on the morning of October 1, 2017 centered at 0341UT.  Stacking was performed by AS!2, and further processing done via Astra Image Pro.

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