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Sharp cap aligned but still trials


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Hi all

I went out last night to try some more imaging.Polar aligned with Sharp cap,home position  and then a two star alignment inputting from synscaninit and the hour angle seemed a little out with the handset this time.The chosen alignment stars were off at the side of eyepiece and my final target also no where near centred. I attatched camera to scope anyway and got star trials after a 20 secs test exposure.Repeat whole process 3 times with same results then pack away.Arghhh..what I'm I doing wrong.It all worked fine last week!Any advice on this one please.(heq5,skywatcher Ed80,Sony A7s)


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If you think you are getting poor alignment with SharpCap, a useful test is to run the alignment a second time after finishing, but this time start the process in the position where the first align finished and rotate the mount back to the home position.

If the second measurement shows you are in good alignment without needing adjustment then all is well with your polar alignment. If the second measurement is poor then the most likely cause is that your guide scope is flexing/shifting with respect to the mount as you rotate. Although SharpCap doesn't need the guide scope to be aligned with the mount accurately it does need it to stay in the same alignment during the whole procedure without moving.

Hope this helps,



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Thanks Robin..maybe  knocked the alignment of the finderscope out with the main scope when I took it down last time.I think the alignment with Sharp cap was pretty accurate the last few times and I thought I was on a roll but this has stumped me.I will try your suggestion next time..its a good one in case it all goes wrong again.I can only think I forgot something obvious last night.C

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