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A quick process of the Soul from tonight in HA

Adam J

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Quick Shot and process from tonight, hopefully get more tomorrow.



good night all.

Edit: Update version less rushed with a little noise reduction. Hopefully not too much!




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9 hours ago, Craney said:

Hi Adam,  this one is on my target list.  May I ask what scope/camera and how many subs.   The detail is very good.



Thanks Sean, my equipment is in my signature, this is 9 x 1200, ISO800, -2c

1 hour ago, Barry-Wilson said:

The Soul Nebula makes a spectacular mono image and this is a great start.  Fingers crossed you'll get the skies to add more data.

Yes but not tonight it would seem. I think one more good night of imaging Ha as the moon is up, then ill move onto OIII.

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Thanks Adam, I had not got ' signature 'enabled.  Now corrected that.   20 min exposures , wow that's some going.  I think that is my next step forward.

I am on 2-3 mins (unguided) at the moment and relying on many subs to lift the detail.   Alas with OIII and SII and less than perfect conditions there is not that much data in the image, so the false colour recombinations are a little thin on depth to say the least.   It will be interesting to see the other layers adding to this.


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8 hours ago, Carl M said:

That's some lovely Ha detail from a DSLR. May I ask if you have debayered your DSLR for mono or are you shooting Ha through OSC?

No its through the OSC matrix mate, I do have a debayered DSLR but after extensive testing I am sure that the OSC is superior due to the loss of the micro-lens's in the debayered sensor, hence the QE on a debayered sensor is just too much lower than the OSC to make up for the increase in sensor resolution. The big difference is the cooling once you get the chip below freezing then its very very clean probably better than the IMX071 from the ASI071c in terms of noise, maybe less sensitive though. Its still not great QE but it is capable of long exposures, from the subs I see no reason it could not do 30mins at ISO800.

11 hours ago, Piero said:

Really beautiful! 

Thanks :)

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