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next generation observing/imaging?

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Not sure where I should post this, which just came to my attention. Has anyone seen this, or tried it? Seems to be a scope with built in video, and maybe it is a start of a revolution....

It is apparently a mid size telescope with a high-gain video camera built in, making it more sensitive than the human eye. It is not going to produce high quality images but it may very well be more exciting than just looking through an eye piece of a standard scope with the limited light sensitivity of our eyes. The GPS and communication parts of the concept are of course also interesting. But for serious astroimaging resolution will be quite poor.


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It almost sounds amazing.....so if I understand this correctly you are still looking at the actual photons but then the additional accumulated data is superimposed on the image via projection?

Sounds like a great idea, even better if you could retrofit something to use in your existing scope. 

EDIT: I don't think you see the actual photons, almost amazing!


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