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Sol 25/10/17 Plenty of action in Ha

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Date: 25/10/17 Time: 1600-1630 Scope: Lunt60+DS60

After what seems like an age, I finally got the chance to pop out and see the sun this afternoon! Must be at least 10 days as the first of the two (new to me) regions is approaching half way (6 day position) :(

Seeing was poor, I had to fight through some thin clouds - Note that as long as you can see shadows being cast on the ground then you can tune an Ha scope into the sun and get a worthwhile image!

Initial tuning was not easy as the disk was hidden in thin cloud but I managed to tease out the first (larger) active region - once you have something on the disk then its just a case of fiddling with the (1) scope pressure (2) double stack rotation and (3) finally the double stack tilt - if the image improves keep going otherwise reverse the other way.

- in the end, I had teased out quite a lot of detail in the first region, several filaments and plenty of plage plus the spot of course. Several other stand-alone filaments were visible at 7 and 6 o'clock plus some smaller filaments in the centre. Managed to glimpse a nice exiting filament at 10 o'clock too!

Initially, the highlight seemed like it was going to be the prominence formation at the 2 o'clock postion (which was extensive and contained multiple smaller tree proms) BUT then a solar flare started up in the 2nd newer region - it got quite bright and lasted a good 10 minutes so was probably a reasonably powerful event - which became the highlight of the session :)

If you get chance in the next few days then make the effort for a look, the spots are small but the regions that contains them are reasonably active and there is plenty of other activity across the disk surface to make the effort. The prominence formation was on the coming-in side so maybe there is more to come around the corner?


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Great report Alan :icon_biggrin:

I was hoping to get my LS50 on the Sun today but my other half insisted on a trip to the countryside and by the time we got back ....... clouds ! :rolleyes2:


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Managed a sketch today for first time in ages



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Good report, Alan. Thanks.

The detail about how you used the scope is valuable. Mine is tilt-tuned but I can correlate what’s going on.

I think. ?

Please keep up your input. Much appreciated. ?

p.s. sorry I missed the flare and, after only the briefest session yesterday, I also would have expected the prom to be the show stealer.

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    • By alanjgreen
      Date: 28/9/17 10-30 -> 11-00
      Equipment: Lunt LS60 double stack, Pan24 & Pan19 in MarkV bino with x1.7 gpc
      I haven't posted on this topic in quite a while! Probably due to the fact we have been under pretty much solid cloud and rain since early July (here in Penrith anyway) with only the occasional smash & grab session being allowed
      Anyway, this week I have now had two decent sessions (Tue & Thur) so I thought I would write something down.
      It is fair to say that the opportunity to see THREE regions all active and on the disk at the same time are few and far between. We have been treated to some super large spots over the summer but I think this current configuration is the best of the year IMHO so if you get a chance get outside and take a look...
      On tuesday, we had 3 and a half regions on the disk with the other half headed off the far side! The newest region was really putting on a show with several flares observed during my 30-40 minute session. One was a biggie, lighting up a whole strand of faculae while the other were smaller single point flares. It was so good that I had to grab the wife to come see the action.
      The central active region had a lovely "C" shape filament that was in the process of breaking up and over the time period there was a noticeable change in the clarity of the "C" due to the shifting of the filament itself. Many emerging flux's were seen in this central region. (they look like pairs of "bright eyes")
      I also remember that the sunspots were looking fine too, two double spots and a single.
      There were two areas of several small prominences but this is a "spot disk" at the moment.
      * I have begun to notice that we seem to get "spot disks", "filament disks" or "prom disks" with one or the other of these 3 in abundance and a distinct lack of the other two. Probably just my imagination or need to put the disks in pigeon holes!
      THURSDAY (today)
      The most noticeable change from Tuesday is that the central region has really expanded. It looks like it has grown from the centre outwards. The "C" shape filament is now a less distinct but much larger "S" shape filament and there is loads of flux activity coming from this region. Its double spot is now merged to a single. This region is becoming a real beauty.
      The newest region is much less active today with only a couple of emerging fluxes observed. It does have the nicest spots and the penumbra surrounding them is much larger than the spots in the centre. Maybe more spot growth to come.
      There seems a general lack of pores near any of the spots but I dont know what the impact of this is on the spots themselves??
      There is a lovely thick filament on the disk and with the higher power 19mm (12mm equivalent due to x1.7 gpc being used) it revealed some lovely detail.
      I did not observe any flare activity so it seems the sun is quieter than on Tuesday but the middle region is definately worth the effort to get a look if you can. These multiple region views are quite rare.
      The conditions are better today than on Tuesday when I had to quickly abandon the 19mm higher power and return to the 24mm for a nice sharp focused view!
      All the best,
    • By ngwillym
      After a hiatus of over a year, I finally managed to dust off my Quark. Here are my first baby steps.
      I managed to catch a bit of the activity from AR2644, it was a lot quieter 30 mins later (animations), and some stills of  AR2645, AR2648. Still got some white light stuff to process.
      And now of course I need to learn the dark arts of Solar processing.
      This is much harder than lunar/planetary work! and seems to take loads more disk space.
      A question for the experts - advice on animations, how long for each video (time or frames) and interval between them? thanks in advance

    • By Owmuchonomy
      As you may have realised from other posts I was very busy day and night on 25th.  Make hay while the sun shines I say.  So I have only just got round to going through my Ha captures.  Here are two with some active proms and a couple of active regions taken two hours apart.  The prom near the top develops into what looks like a terrestrial tornado funnel maybe? Usual set up: Lunt 60Ha and ZWOASI174MM.


    • By keramos
      Animation of the large prom from 11th September, seeing was variable hence a few fuzzy and unfocused frames. Didn't remove too many of the fuzzy frames as it made the animation quite discontinuous.
      Duration is  1hr 20mins with 30 sec interval between recordings.
      Taken with Lunt 60HaPT B1200, 2xBarlow and processed in ImPPG and colour applied in PS
      Animation with fuzzy/unfocused frames removed (False Colour)

      Animation with all frames (mono)

    • By keramos
      Another day of bad seeing and poor animation (not oriented correctly) but processed and posted here.... anyways,
      Taken with Lunt60HaPT B1200 Single Stack, 2.5x TV PowerMate. Post Processed in ImPPG and Coloured in PS.

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