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I had a super few days at Lucksall this year and I really do think, it was the best one yet with a lot more going on, fantastic food, great company and some clear skies. I was also really pleased that more people used the tea tent and it became more of a social hub for the event.

I wanted to take a moment to thank all those who made it happen:

@daz - my partner in crime organising it all in advance and for all his help getting the event shelters and tea sent setup and taken down.

@RikM - Sadly couldn't be there on the day but organised all of the workshops and talks in advance

@michaelmorris - Quiz Master Extradonaire! What a great, banterful start to the weekend.

@Helen, @Uranium235, @PhotoGav, @daz, @michaelmorris, @Ibbo! and @Mr Spock - For the super talks and workshops they put on. Many tips and tricks were learnt and much fun was had (especially with Helen's rockets!)

@FLO - it was great to have the stall there this year, hopefully we will do it again next year.

The hog - for doing it's bit :D

Lucksall - for making us very welcome as always and putting on great food and refreshments - shame we drank you out of vintage perry on the first night, next time I will keep quiet about how delicious it is!!

Thanks also to everyone who came along and extra special thanks to those who brought along cakes, kept the tea tent tidy or helped with the setup and takedown of the tea tents etc..

Looking forward to next year already!!!


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A huuuuge thank you to all involved in SGL SP2017. It was a corker this year for all the above reasons. Looking forward to next year already. In the meantime, clear skies to you all and my best advice is: just buy all those new gizmos on the wish list following the star party!!!

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Yes many thanks to all involved this year, it was our second SGL SP ad we both really enjoyed ourselves, we only hope that one year we will be able to stay for longer than the weekend.

It was great to chat to everyone there and get to know everyone. Looking forward to next year :) 

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Don't tell 'em it's wet.    No no, the skys are predicted to clear, and it'll be the best night from this site ever.   (if only) 

The SGL star party has been fantastic.  Was great having flo here this year, that really hurt my bank balance (whoops)   hopefully by next year, I'll be finally be producing some good astro photos.    Yay for starting the learning curve all over again :)

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I must reciprocate thanks to @Grant - he has done heaps of work in the background with the bookings and with the camping site - and of course to everyone who gave a talk or workshop, or helped out other members on a 1:1 basis!

Sacrifices and prayers to the cloud gods have started in earnest already!!! :D



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Dust is settling now that I’m home.    Want to say thank you for another fun relaxing week.

my main objectives were a success

  • holy grail time lapse with a slider. (Still need more practice)
  • got phd2 guiding on a random dim star (that was a huge thing for me)
  • got focus with my new zwo asi290mm using f6.3 fr.    shame the f3.3 wouldn’t get focus oh well
  • tested out my new filer wheel
  • learned about the poth hub in ascom.   So glad that exists.
  • successful Remote Desktop test over WiFi.   I’m sure that I can use my scope from my warm caravan now.
  • installed and started a trial of SG pro.   I’m going to get this with the mosaic add on.
  • set up plate solve 2.   (Have yet to test this)
  • done a first light of my starlight express superstar
  • successful deployment of my mains power supply for my scope (no need for my power box)
  • successfu deployment of my startek usb 3.0 hub running off 12 volts.


whilst i didnt didn’t take any photos through the scope, I’m extremely happy with the above list of things done.  Whilst some of it is trivial, the list as a whole makes me happy.

Between now and next sgl I’m looking to purchase sg pro and or timelapse.  Also to get to grips with drift alignment (never needed to do this before).   And be able to calibrate my scope so that both cameras are trained on the same patch of sky.

im also hoping this winter to capture some LRGB data of something deep sky. 

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