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Just a quick remark on the popular 80mm FPL-53 f/6 triplet sold under many brands. After I got my 3.5mm 110° Myriad, I pushed the magnification higher than my 4mm/82° could (240x). The Myriad alone produces 137x, which I doubled with that famed and faultless Celestron/Vixen Ultima triplet barlow to obtain 274x. 204x (4.7mm Explore inserted in Ultima barlow) made no chromatic blur, and could be tested anytime.

240x (4mm/82° TS plus Ultima barlow) was not possible unless turbulence was unusually quiet, but showed no fringing either. 274x was too much to wait realistically for a super-quiet night, so I did the test by day when air motion was tempered by some cloud cover and very light rain. Despite the reduction of sunlight and transparency, these conditions make the air calmer than is customary. Well, looking at a dark electric pole in front of a pale gray cloud cover made no fringing apparent inside the dark area of the pole.

And looking at a pale gray cement chimney top against a dark foliage background didn't spur any fringing either outside the bright area of cement, despite the fact that turbulence accentuates the chromatic blur. 240x is the practical limit, very spacewalky on the Moon with no lack of brightness, but knowing the image is still free of aberration at 274x makes these triplets even more recommendable.

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      NOW SOLD!
      I only have room in my life for one lovely refractor, so one must go. I have acquired a Takahashi, so my beloved and well cared for William Optics Zenithstar SD66 has to go. It is optically perfect with no scuffs or scrapes. Has been used as a guide scope and astrograph on my LX90. It comes in its aluminum flight case. OTA only.
      Price is £280 or 325 euros, to include postage within the EU.
      PM me if interested.

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      Hello All, 
      I have a quick question. I am thinking (very loosely) about the possibility of a small APO for wide field views to piggyback on my CPC 1100. I am interested in recommendations. At the moment I am not planning on AP. 
      I can see that there is a huge range in prices and to be honest I am looking for something thats reasonably decent quality (circa £500 - having no experience with APOs I really don't have a sense as to whether thats quite enough or not really enough). I had looked at the Orion Carbon Fibre 80mm f/6 APO Triplet but its just a bit too much money. 
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      And many thanks. 
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      For sale is my lovely Explore Scientific APO ED 102mm triplet refractor.
      Lovely condition, great optics that are unmarked and blemish free, views are stunning and pin sharp.
      Selling due to lack of use, as a recent change of job keeps me away from home quite a bit, so its not getting any use.
      Comes with:
      Essential 102mm triplet APO refractor
      Tube rings with integrated carry handle
      Vixen dovetail
      2 inch visual back / adaptors and focuser
      Aluminium case
      It is the essentials model so didn't come with any finder or diagonal.
      Price is £450 ovno due to condition and inclusion of vixen dovetail.
      Payment accepted is cash, cheque or bank transfer (which is easiest) or PayPal if buyer pays fees.
      Pick up only or can meet half way by arrangement - don't really like sending optics through the post.
      Thanks for reading and if you have any questions then please pm me and we can discuss in more detail.

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      Greetings stargazers,
       I'm considering buying a new telescope (my first telescope) for astrophotography, and some visual astronomy. 
       But I can't decide which type should I get. I mainly want to photograph deep sky objects. After testing some variations in Stellarium I am worried that some deep sky objects won't fit into the aperture of an 8" reflector.
      I'm wondering which type should I get. And also I'm worried that I won't be able to photograph anything with a small refractor because I live near a city. 
      I am also open to any suggestions for a beginner astrophotography telescope. (around 800$ would be perfect)
      Thank you:)
      I apologise if I made any writing mistakes.
      Edit: I'm considering buying a Bresser Messier 203/800 or a William Optics Zenithstar 61 but I'm still open to any suggestions.
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