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SYNC issue using EQMOD, Maxim and TheSky6

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After 6 months of waiting for the new deep-sky camera to reach my observatory,I discovered I have a real problem. All this time, the system was used only several times, with the purpose to make some deep-sky images using a planetary camera (an ASI 174 mono - see the topic HERE ).

Using the set-up for this kind of images, the usual way to acquire images  was altered. At some point I discovered that is more easy and reliable to make a synchronization from TheSky6 and not from MaximDL, as usual. This is the history.

Yesterday night and the night before, after installing my new CCD camera on the rig, I started to redo the adjustments in order to have a good alignment, a good focus and have some decent pictures to evaluate the camera. But at this point, I had a nasty surprise. I inserted some screen shots to understand better what I want to explain (and perhaps I will not do it well because of my English).


When I pointed in The Sky to a star and sent the "slew" command, the cross-hair on TheSky6 show me that the telescope is pointing to that star. But looking to the small planetarium from MaximDL, I sow that the crosshair here is not pointing exactly to that star, but a little bit apart from it, which shouldn't happened... 

Trying to synchronize the scope in Maxim with the star position, the scope stopped to move in sidereal. Actually, he stop at all. Doing the same thing first time in Maxim and then in TheSky, an error message from TheSky appeared. 

After rebooting the computer and started again all the programs, same thing happens. Sometimes, when first syncronizing in Maxim and then in TheSky, the error does not appear but the crosshair is jumping apart from the star in one program when is pointing in the other one and other way around...

i am desperate, because I do not understand what is happen. 

Could anyone to give me a hint, please? Had anyone a similar problem before? How can I erase the sky model from TheSky and put it back on the same alignment with the model from Maxim (which apparently work good stand alone in conjunction with EQMOD)? 



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Have you checked to see if MaxIm DL is working in the same epoch as TheSky? It seems that TheSky is working in J2000 but is it possible that MaxIm DL is working in JNow?

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No, I didn't. But I checked right now and I sow that TheSky have both J2000 and JNOW active in the information box for the objects. Maxim is set on J2000 by me. 

Anyway, I didn't changed any setings in both programs from my last normal use of the mount.

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On 13/10/2017 at 18:57, jimao22 said:

How can I erase the sky model from TheSky

You don't. The model is held by EQMOD. You need to click the little Delete icon next to the counter of sync points on the main EQMOD screen.

If Maxim is set to use EQMOD (ASCOM) as the driver, then both Maxim and TheSky6 will be looking at the same model...


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    • By morayskies
      Hi All
      Has anybody else had this problem?
      I use a single, ageing laptop (HP620 8Gb RAM) running Windows 7 Pro 64bit to control my imaging setup using the following software;
      Cartes du Ciel and EQMOD to control EQ5 Pro mount via EQDIRECT cable connected via powered USB Hub
      BackyardEOS to capture images from Canon 450D via same USB powered hub
      PHD2 for guiding using GP-CAM 130C and EQMOD pulse guiding
      What confuses me is that some evenings everything works absolutely fine.  Another evening, using exactly the same hardware, software and even connections (ie I always plug the leads into the same ports) the system will be working fine but then suddenly fail.  The failure affects EQMOD indicating a timeout or port not available issue and the Canon 450D also 'locks' requiring a restart of the camera and BackyardEOS.
      I have run USBTree during such a failure and it is showing that the EQDIRECT cable (ie serial converter) is still connected to COM4 (which is correct) and the Canon 450D is also still connected.  I basically have to ensure that all the software is closed and any associated services also stopped.  Of course, the scope is now pointing away from its home position so I have to move it manually back to 'home' before starting again.
      My thoughts are that there could be a number of issues;
      1. Use of a USB hub
      2. A dodgy EQDIRECT cable
      3. USB cables too long (ie about 5m)
      4. Windows is turning off a connection (I have set the power management for each USB port to 'off')
      5. Canon 450D somehow 'freezing'

      When using this laptop, I turn off the Wifi and Anti Virus and Automatic Updates are also off.
      It just baffles me that sometimes this system works flawlessly for hours and yet other nights it keeps failing.
      Any suggestions gratefully received.
      Thanks for looking.
    • By Demonperformer
      I am at a complete loss to understand why eqmod was not syncing on CdC last night. I have had a look at this video, I had the star centred on the screen [3m33s], I pressed sync on CdC, I got the dialog box [3m39s], I clicked 'yes' and NOTHING happened: the white circle stayed where it was, no sync points were added to EQMOD, zilch!
      I can get round most problems, but this really one stymies my GOTOs and, therefore, my imaging process.
      I have been unable to find anything in the EQMOD documentation that deals with such an error and a search on here has turned up no help (but that always depends on the words put into the search!). I checked all the obvious things (location, date/time, etc - but why any of these should stop sync working is beyond me). It's all running on Windoze 10.
      Any suggestions on why this should have stopped working and (more importantly) how I might get it working?
    • By Demonperformer
      Setting up all the software on my win10 laptop and getting things to talk to one another is a nightmare.
      I'm starting a new thread, so I can post all the problems I am having, one at a time, so issues don't get confused. This will also hopefully help anyone coming to similar situations later, as the problems and answers will not be interlaced.
      First issue: APT does not detect ZWO camera.
      I have got the camera (ZWO) drivers installed and sharpcap can see it and will connect to it properly. However, when I try to connect the camera in APT, the only CCD options it gives me are SBIG (which it isn't), QSI (which it isn't) and ASCOM. Now it shouldn't need to use an ascom driver, because the proper driver is installed, but I give it a go anyway, and this just offers me 2 simulators and 3 QHY cameras (I have one qhy driver installed for the guidecam .... I'll get to that later!). I have disconnected both the filterwheel and guide camera from the camera hub, so they cannot be interefering with the process.
      I am at a total loss ... any suggestions?
    • By RolandKol
      Hi guys,
      I been googling a lot and was not able to find a solution how to connect EQMOD to the Mount via SW Wifi Dongle...
      it looks like EQMOD needs COM Port to be used....
      I do remember there was some kind of "Virtual Com port bridge to Wifi"app back in Win98 days... But I cannot find anything similar for Win10.
      I want to test EQMOD auto-guiding via WIFI, - I know, it's not reliable, but I want to try
      as I have Skywatcher wifi dongle and my USB to Serial (RS-232) Converter Cable is wayyyy too short to keep my PC (and me) in warm.
      I am able to connect with SynScanPro app to Wifi Dongle and even sync it with Stellarium nicely... 
      Only Auto-guiding missing...
      Any ideas?
    • By Anne S
      I’ve been having issues with platesolving using Platesolve2 and my Ioptron IEQ30PRO Mount, I’m connecting using the Ioptron Commander Ascom driver. I’m using Maxim DL5 to locate and image via the Planetarium section. When the Maxim platesolving fails, especially when I’ve just started in a new location, I need to use Platesolve2, which is installed as an add on. Unfortunately I can never sync once it’s finished platesolving as the telescope disconnects at some point in the process. I only use the above setup at Star parties.
      At home I have an observatory with Eqmod running an eq6. I don’t have any problem using  Platesolve2 in a Maxim.
      I was wondering if I should be connecting using POTH in between Maxim and the telescope driver. I don’t generally connect a planetarium programme now I use platesolving but I want to use The Sky6 to help with camera orientation in the future. As I understand it Eqmod will act as a hub allowing this but Ioptron Commander won’t. This may be why I have issues when using my Ioptron Mount.
      Can someone confirm that I’ve understood the process correctly, please?
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