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What should I do to correct this error with PHD?

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Hello all,

last night when imaging I noticed my DEC axis was way off compared to my RA in PHD after setting up autoguiding. I have the AVX and my polar alignment was relatively good. During this time in which this showed up My Anti-Backlash was set to 10 on both RA and DEC values. What should I do? increase DEC values? set RA to 0?. 3 star alignment was well too


Thanks for the advice,

Darien Perla

PHD error.JPG

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6 minutes ago, Darien said:

I have the AVX and my polar alignment was relatively good.

Sorry, can't help with the AVX, but maybe quote the old saying, "Near enough isn't near enough"? With PA being so easy to check these days it really is worth nailing it each and every time. Makes everything so much easier :)

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Hi Darien

As you can see from the stats, RA calibration took 15 steps, but Dec took 49 steps.

I too don't know the AVX, but this would suggest the backlash needs physically adjusting, and then anti-backlash applied to finish off.

Before Calibrating, did you manually take up the Dec backlash by moving the mount north until you could see the star move?

This is an essential step before Calibrating.



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