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Nyctimene    368
On 10.10.2017 at 15:22, Louis D said:

weight and bulk will play a major role in your choice of telescope.  A goto will require power.  That equals more weight and bulk to haul in.  If you want to pack light, I'd recommend something like the Skywatcher Heritage-130p Flextube.  That would leave you plenty of money for accessories like eyepieces, collimation tools, astro books/charts/planisphere, red flashlight, etc.  If you want to move up to something bigger, you'll always have it for camping trips when space is an issue.


On 10.10.2017 at 15:46, Louis D said:

the heritage 130p seems really convenient, but does it have a good quality for star seeing ? it looks really cheap...

I'll second Louis D; + 1 for the Skywatcher Heritage 130 P Flextube. It's lightweight, compact, can later easily be fitted to an AltAz mount (e.g. the new Skywatcher AZ 5). The quality of the mechanics is decent, (the focuser slop can easily fixed with some PTFE plumber's tape, and thereafter works well), and the optical quality is really good. Have a read on some experiences here:

and here:

It would serve you later as an excellent grab-and-go scope or travelscope.


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Cosmic Geoff    210
1 hour ago, Golfox2 said:

Someone at a astro club I know suggests this one : https://www.astromanie.ch/fr/telescopes/246-sky-watcher-skyhawk-1145p-synscan-az-goto.html
Would it be good ? What would be pros and cons ?

This seems to have nothing at all in common with the 200mm Dob you wrote you were considering. As for the 1145p outfit, the mount is a popular GoTo mount, and GoTo is a very useful thing to have. But the telescope is a bit small for serious use.  If you want a Go o telescope of this sort, I would suggest looking at the versions with the 130mm Newtonian.

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130mm resolve quite a lot of planetary and lunar detail but they are a little bit underpowered for the faint things (except globulars). 150mm are solid, 114mm are rather weak on all the targets. As the other advisors said, don't consider a 114mm if you had a 200mm in mind.

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