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The full Harvest Moon was so bright that the sky wasn't dark enough to capture galaxies and nebulae so the best option on the first clear night for weeks was to return to this old favourite. The previous attempt at imaging this cluster was done with a 400mm lens and the result was pretty good but I wanted to see how the 150mm Newtonian handled it and I quite like how so many of the fainter stars came out. However it always looks much prettier through the eyepiece.


32 x 75 second exposures at 400 ISO (40 minutes integration time).
64 x dark frames
31 x flat frames
21 x bias/offset frames (subtracted from flat frames only)

Captured with APT
Guided with PHD2
Processed in Nebulosity and Photoshop 

Sky-Watcher Explorer-150PDS
Skywatcher EQ5 Mount
Orion 50mm Mini Guide Scope
ZWO ASI120 MC imaging and guiding camera
Canon 700D DSLR

process 06.jpg

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That's a beautiful image Davide :) 

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Loving it, you've caught some good star colour and framed it really well. Well done.

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    • By Vicky050373
      NGC 869 & NCG 884 The Double Cluster in Perseus
      These open star clusters lie at a distance of 7500 light years
      Imaged using Skywatcher Equinox 80 Pro ED and Altair Hypercam 183C Pro
      A total of 20 x 120 second and 30 x 300 second exposures
    • By wimvb
      The double cluster up and close. This is almost as it's framed by my camera. Only stacking edges were trimmed.
      Imaged during a full moon on December 4.
      Scope: SW 150PDS (750 mm fl) on a SW AZ EQ6, unguided
      Camera: ZWO ASI174MM-cool at -30 C and gain = 0
      R: 55 x 30 s G: 54 x 30 s B: 62 x 30 s (Total integration time: 85 minutes)
      Processed in PixInsight.
      The Double Cluster consists mostly of blue-white super giant stars. The older red stars looked unnatural when I tried to use more colour saturation, so I kept processing to a minimum. No star reduction, but deconvolution to make the stars "pop" a little more.

      (click to enlarge)
    • By coatesg
      I took these images on Sat 25th Nov from here in W Oxfordshire. I've got the widefield setup running now using a RPi3 running KStars and Ekos. This controls a modded, uncooled 350d (with Baader filter) and a serial shutter cable, an Arduino motor focuser (as a Moonlite compatible focuser) and the Losmandy GM8 it all sits on.
      Images were taken through a Canon 85mm f1.8 EF lens at f4.5, exposures were 45 x 300sec (3h45m total) at ISO400 through an IDAS P2 filter. The field is a whisker over 15x10 degrees. Processing was in PixInsight and a bit of work in Photoshop to reduce a bit of amp glow that didn't calibrate out fully.
      Fairly pleased with this (though the Heart and Soul have come out maybe a little red - the colour calibration uses PI's PCC tool, and the IDAS filter might throw it a bit), but there's some other areas of interest coming through in the image. Annotated image attached but there are a few other bits that PI doesn't grab - there's a small area of reflection nebula (LBN 142.14+01.97) to the left of Sh2-202 that's just coming through. Also, unlabelled are Stock 2 (between the Heart and the Double Cluster) and for the interested clouded out astronomer, galaxies Maffei 1 and 2 are visible in frame just below the Heart (labelled as Sh2-191 and Sh2-197). 
      Thanks for taking a look!

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