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This months S@N magazine....


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I'd never heard of it either James, on first look it looks spot on. It's an interactive Moon atlas thingie.....

I've got a subscription, my local newsagent only used to get 4 or 4 copies in and I've missed them a couple of times and had to go shopping around. Pain!!

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Skillfully done JD!! :laugh:

Best bits look to me, in no particular order...

Messier Marathon guide

Gas giants guide

Kupier objects article

Biog of Gerard Kupier (the astronomer who invented Pluto)*

The cover article of ancient astronomical mysteries.

*I made that up!

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Couple of things if I may

a) Texan bars are back (albeit they are limited edition and they have been out a while)

more on topic however

In the 8 page pull out bit of "The Sky at Night" on the chart, are the dates supposed to be the 1st, 15th and 31st of January - I'd have thought it was March?? or am I going completly mad

There is another minor issue - they test in their shootout a green laser pointer - they show the price at 79.99 but fail to add in that the mount is a further cost......

Love the opening page to the messier marathon (and the whitty writing) - the montage / collage seems awfully familier....

all in all a good magazine :laugh:

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Being careful with my cash (I am Scottish, after all). I go into Borders bookshop, sit down in their coffee lounge, have a Latte and read S@N. I rarely buy it. I try not to spill coffee or leave crumbs on the copy I've read :nono:

It is a good mag though.


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