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So i was browsing amazon de and i found a telescope thats incredibly cheap.A meade 8 inch goto.It retails for 2000 euros but its selling FOR FREAKING 350 EUROS.Somebody is really trolling or the telescope is completely broken although it says its like new.I can give the link if you want to see it.Imagine if the telescope is in great condition and if the seller is trusted.I would kill myself.

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If it looks too good to be true then......

Plenty of scope scams on eBay, often Tak, Meade or AstoPhysics. Expensive scopes with a start price of 0.99p and no reserve. They are also usually an email address requesting direct contact so they can bypass PayPal security etc.

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The normal selling price of astro equipment, if it is in good, working, condition is somewhere between 50% and 70% of the new price.

If a 2000 Euros scope is being advertised for 350 Euros then it's either a scam of some sort or the scope is damaged or non-operational in some important ways.



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After being scammed a few years ago by someone on another astro site who said they sold 'genuine' Meade spares, as I needed a replacement back-end for my ETX 105 that got damaged in a freak accident. When I made enquiries the seller appeared genuine, so I paid the agreed sum and he said it would be delivered by courier in two weeks. Two weeks went past and never showed up. I emailed and asked for courier details etc. Contacted the courier and they had no record. Re-emaied the seller again and he said there was some mistake and if I still wanted the part it would have to pay him again, (I had a sms/text to say he did receive the money sent), as he never received payment and he would personally deliver it. Sent the same sum of money again. Waited four weeks this time before emailing him again. He replied that his mother-in-law was dying, the wife was away and he was looking after the kids at home etc. 

I sought legal advice to reclaim the monies sent. I had sent him almost the same amount as a new ETX. Because I did it through a money transfer company rather than PayPal, there was was nothing I/they could do.

BTW#1 - the part never did show up.

BTW#2 - my ETX 105 now looks like this...IMG_0385.JPG.5061fa1a4073478117544c4770b199ed.JPG

after consulting a few local engineering workshops to make a backplate... and it was cheaper than the 'genuine' replacement part.

The moral of this story is... I would think very carefully.

Edited by Philip R

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I would write to them and also to Amazon to check on your protection should you wish to buy it. It must be important to Amazon that you can't get scammed. Also check out the protection you get paying by credit card or paypal. Maybe I'm a stupid optimist.

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Amazon make it clear they cannot be held responsible for 3rd party sales..... follow your gut instinct and give it a miss ? Alternatively you can send me the 350 euros.

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      Dispose             Disposing of device
      ReleaseComObject    Releasing COM instance
      ReleaseComObject    Completed release. Count: 0
      GC Collect          Starting garbage collection
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      good for deep sky viewing
      reflector vs. refractor
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      1. Around €1000
      2. Big aperture, I want to see as much as possible and as far as possible while not losing a clear image
      3. I would like to have a push to or go to system
      4. Beginner friendly
      5. Size is not a problem 
      8. I prefer reflectors since it seems they give more aperture for the money but if you know a better scope that sees more with less aperture let me know
      9. I have a Canon 550D and maybe I could use this for a bit of astrophotography. This is last on the list tho and can be scrapped if the first 3 points aren't met
      Of course build quality is very important when making my choice so keep that in mind as well.
      I'm looking forward to you guys advice. 
       Happy stargazing and clear skies! 
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