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Dusky Moon + close ups 29-9-17 mosaic added.

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 taken around 7.30pm. caught a few moon shots lastnight, seeing wasn't the best, very hazey and fazing a bit , but it still looked nice just hanging there in space.

Copernicus looked very nice in shadow, think its the only shot ive got with so much shadow.

thanks for looking and I hope you all have clear.  charl.





some close ups, not the best with the seeing.







moon cu mb 29-9-17.png

moon cu b 29-9-17.png

and lastly a termy mosaic of some of the above shots.

best seen in full res, it might take a while to load its 22mb.


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added pic
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Brilliant, Charl. Copernicus with shadow is awesome. Plato and Tycho jump out, too. We got a supermoon coming in December. Look out (or up)!


Clear skies,


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Superb set Charl, you really do get some time in, dedication

is your middle name, thanks for posting.

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thanks Ron,  I'm just about fulltime since I retired, it passes the time lovely, I'm setup all the time mate but if I had to drag my gear out every time I don't think id be so keen, hope we get some better weather soon ,ive been at a loss all day with the cloud. clear skys. charl.

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On 01/10/2017 at 17:47, Kyuzumaki said:

automatically or manually in Photoshop/similar?

thanks mate, I used Microsofts ICE to stitch it, it works very well. clear sky. charl.

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    • By xtreemchaos
      cracking seeing tonight so you know me, I couldn't help myself. its cold out, I mean 2 sets of longjohns cold.
      kit starwave 102 classic f11, 1200d ir filter asi120mc.
      hope you all have clear and get some great views, thanks for looking. charl.
      wide 80 frames,

      closer 65 frames.

      a few closer 800x800 about 250 frames per image.

    • By xtreemchaos
      lovely moon thisafternoon, seeings not bad too. now its dark and its 100% cloud . or well the daytime one will have to do unless I can get a clear bit. ill up date if I do.
      thanks for looking, clear skys. charl.

      large. monoish.

      wide colour.

      closer with asi120mc.

    • By xtreemchaos
      lovely moon tonight, seeing not bad a bit fazey and some cloud about but its cold, 2 sets of long johns cold.
      was hoping for some DS but the moon so bright, but it wont hurt trying, maybe the Orion neb with it being bright.
      hope you all have clear, thanks for looking, please leave a comment if you have time. charl.

      not wide.

      cu 1.

      cu2 ,




    • By xtreemchaos
      lovely skys lastnight so I grabbed a few shots, you know I carnt help myself.
      I love this faze of the moon it really makes the rays stand out.
      kit- 102 starwave, 1200d and asi120mc for closer shots.
      hope you all had clear to view. thanks for looking. please leave a comment .   charl.
      wide .

      large. best viewed in full.

      a few closer shots.

      and a mosaic of some of the close ups

    • By xtreemchaos
      a few qwick shots from lastnight, battling cloud here but the seeing in the gaps was quite good.
      caught a plane in one of my subs speeding by.
      hope you all have clear skys. thanks for looking. charl.
      single frame straight out the camera for those who like the natural look. plane shot.

      dusk moon. please view in full to see the detail at its best.




      Copernicus again.

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