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First quick Luna Mak 127/1000D

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At last, i managed a quick image session with the new 127 Skymax, of to a great start just lobbed it out on the EQ5 and 1000D this is a single frame at 1/30 shutter and a touch of wavelets in regi 6

If i get a chance i might do a stack as i took 30 frames, but this wedding week so might not get a chance

Luna 28.09.17.png

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That looks really very good indeed for a single frame! Can't beat a bit of terminator action, just been scanning it with my bins. Well I think you've cracked it with this setup, Jules, looking forward to seeing more. 

Wishing you a very happy wedding day! :) 

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Thanks for all the comments, here is a stack of 31 frames, its not perfect but as a first from this scope i am very pleased with it, and this was a very quick grab an go capture, i am lucky the scope is in an unheated outbuilding so its cooled and ready to use any time, i did not use pipp as i was trying to stack and kept getting weird frames so just registax 6 and a bit of wavelets saved as .png 

IMG_0315 wavelets01.png

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1 hour ago, Astro Imp said:

Loving it Jules, the first one for a single frame is outstanding.

Good luck for the wedding.

Many thanks for the best wishes.

I have to say i feel i made the right choice in setting up with the 127 Maksutov as my main scope, looking at this last image i am already at a stage where i am very happy with it, the image was a quick and dirty, spur of the moment, i will be able to do better when set up with the camera hooked up to the laptop on auto and better polar align and a tweak to the focus.....happy days

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44 minutes ago, happy-kat said:

Nice clear image.

Why didn't you use your pier?

I am having trouble with tracking on the star discovery, so wanted to see how the EQ5 worked out

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