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Celestron eq mount

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Hi all,

Need a bit of advice please on the eq mount that came as a bundle package with the astromaster 114 newton scope.

I've polar lined up, balanced up and  locked all down etc. BUT on the part of the mount with the 24hr clock (as pictured) there is a wobble, nothing's loose, just a wobble when viewing.

Is this something I have to learn to live with being a beginner's scope / mount or am I missing something.

Hope the above makes sense being a newbie.

Many thanks




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I suspct that "have live with it" is the answer. The mount is going to fairly basic and I guess there is little attention taken at the assembly time. Does mean  that you "might" be able to improve it, however that would mean taking it apart, determining how it operates and then reassembling with a bit more care and attention. Half reasonable option if it is not your primary/only mount but not sure otherwise.

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