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Cleaning imaging sensors

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My planetary camera suffered from "dust bunnies" and being a believer in tackling the problem at source rather than relying on software to fix the problem I decided to have a go at cleaning the imaging chip glass cover. I focused my bench microscope onto the cover so I could see the extent of the problem

The before picture shows the extent of the contamination. I used cotton buds and IPA solution but even after several attempts the contamination would not move.

I took a deep breath and used some 30% aliphatic hydrocarbon solution hoping that it would not damage the chip cover surface.

The second picture shows the results. It seems to have worked ok



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The label on the can says "graffiti remover" and in the small print 30% aliphatic hydrocarbons. I will see if it makes reference to a safety data sheet and report back


I just went up to the garage to check and its "brake cleaner" not "graffiti remover". There is no other data on the can. Its used to remove oily deposits from disc brakes to stop squeal.

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incorrect reference to data no corrected
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