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Hello all,

I started a while ago a topic to show my progress on this target over a couple of years.

Now I think I have a final image for this season. I will have to move soon and the clouds don't seem to let me see it again until then. Maybe if I get to travel to a dark site, but then I will go full resolution.

Equipment used is a 130PDS with SW coma corrector, ASI1600MMC camera cooled to ~-15C, put on an AZ-EQ5, guided with OAG. Guiding accuracy was reported between 1.3" and 2" depending on the seeing.

The window frames only allowed me to see the target for ~2.5h/night. Some nights had clouds, some not.

Luminance was taken during 6 or 7 nights for a total of 156x180s frames at unity gain, through a visual CLS filter. That means 7h 48min. The visual CLS seemed to provide better results than the L (IR/UV cut) filter and the coma corrector didn't seem to add chromatic aberrations.

Each RGB channel is made by ~60x60s at unity gain too.

Ha, if I remember well, is just above an hour worth of 60s frames at 300 gain.

I resized the images to 50% since they didn't provide more detail at full resolution due to poor seeing.

Processing was done with StarTools and GIMP. Some star reduction.

Red/white light pollution.

If I missed other significant details that you're interested in, please tell.

16bit .png here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByhJ_xuQxcnjWHU1RWM0OVFmNG8

Or astrobin: http://www.astrobin.com/313011/

Thanks for looking and clear skies!




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