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Prominence in Calcium K

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11 hours ago, Merlin66 said:

Proms are unusual in CaK....

Good catch.

Can you share some details of the date/ time and scope/filter/camera you used?


Of course, this shot was captured on the 18th August using my Skywatcher Evostar 120 (stopped down to 100mm), Lunt B1200 Ca-K wedge and QHY5-II mono camera. 1000 frames captured, just 55 stacked and then processed in ImPPG and GIMP.

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7 hours ago, Merlin66 said:



one more question....what exposure were you using?

I'd like to try for the proms next time out.



Hi Ken

I will need to check the log files on my laptop tonight and let you know. I'm quite surprised how often there are prominences on show in Ca-K.


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18 hours ago, Merlin66 said:



I was trying to compare to my FireCapture settings....

Shutter 35.71ms

Gain 357

Gama 39


I have to admit I find it quite difficult to translate exposure settings from SharpCap to FireCapture. they seem to operate Gain and Gamma quite differently.

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