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Transport carrier for my C8 Edge

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I just finished a transport box for my Edge 8" and AVX mount. I'd built a similar setup for the C6 I have, I wanted something I could use to store the telescope and mount in that would protect it, plus have something to make it easier to transport when going afield for viewing or AP. This is made from 1/2" birch veneer plywood, it's nothing really fancy, just butt joints, glue and brass screws . I wanted it to remain more utilitarian than "furniture", but dressed it up a little with brass hardware and a nice stain and polyurethane finish. It's in two pieces to make it easier to lift and pack into a vehicle; one box for the OTA, the other for the mount and accessories. These two boxes clamp together and fit on a small hand truck that can be used vertically or horizontally. The tripod I plan to get a bag for, and will strap it to the outside somehow, and all my EP and diagonals are in a separate case. The only other thing I'll have to hand carry is my dew shield. The OTA box is padded with foam rubber cut to fit and covered in a heavy upholstery fabric, the mount uses the large closed-cell cutout that it came shipped in, I dimensioned the box so it would slide in or out, so I can still use the cutout if I ever have to ship the mount for repairs, etc (hope not). Both the OTA and mount have retaining straps with quick-release buckles. Alongside the mount are compartments for gear; I have the counterweights, dew heater, controller and power cord for the mount, the finder scope for the OTA, a couple of field books and my notebook and manuals, and an accessory weight for the OTA. There's still room for other stuff, and I suppose it won't take me long to fill it up. The last picture shows both carriers. The one for the C6 will also carry the tripod.









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Very nice. You really have made a sterling job of that, well done. You've got me thinking now, currently I'm using the Artesky range of bags to store and transport my ota's but your solution looks far more robust. 

I'm very tempted to have a go at something similar although it may not have the same finesse as your effort :icon_biggrin:

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I learned from the first one I made, which is shown in the last picture. It's self-contained, has its own wheels and is very easy to roll around, but if you need to lift it, as into the back of a SUV or estate car, you need two people. The new one is manageable by one person to load and unload, although the larger box, which has the mount and accessories, weighs about 60 lb. when loaded (that includes two 11 lb. counterweights). The box the OTA goes in is easy to lift. The only time they need picking up, though, is to place in a car or remove from a car

I'm 63, not the 'he-man' I used to be, so making things manageable is becoming a priority. Once this setup is on the hand truck, it is a breeze to move around. I imagine a smaller truck would work, even something that folds up, like sales reps use, or travelers for their baggage. I could have purchased something commercially made, like a Pelican case, but I enjoy making things from wood (I built the room you see in the pictures), and it makes it unique. I used simple joinery, and it took me about a week to make, working on it evenings after work.

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