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Skywatcher some, have it. It means can use fully goto, tracking or fully manual with or without power. Stardiscovery, Virtuoso ( small table mount goto is extra) and the new azgti models have it. Just means you don't need power for viewing which might be handy for terrestrial use. Many goto mounts only work with power and the handset.

Those are all altaz mounts.

Edit: I see that you have now chosen whilst I had this window open :-)

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7 hours ago, AstronomicalCheeki said:

I made my decision.I will pick the skywatcher mak 127 and az3 

The AZ3 will serve as a first start for a 127mm Maksutov, but an AZ4, or dare I say an AZ5, would be ideal in the long run...



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The mount becomes very wobbly. And worst case (if you go too far over the recommended payload) then you risk the mount bot being able to hold the scope and something breaking - either mount or telescope falling. 

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7 minutes ago, AstronomicalCheeki said:

...A.What happens when for example you put a 8kg telescope on a 5kg payload mount.

The mount and scope are unstable so it becomes impossible to view through the scope at anything other than low magnifications.

An undermounted scope is a miserable device and the source of nothing but frustration.

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An AZ-4 (In the USA these are available from Orion (USA) under the name VersaGo II) would work with a 127mm Maksutov-Cassegrain - fit these like the proverbial glove. The 127mm is the most popular Maksutov out there. All of these Maks are made by Synta in the P.R. China. My personal favorite are the Skywatcher-branded one's. I have a 150mm myself. And the AZ3, as previously stated, would be at it's limit with the venerable 127mm. I wouldn't recommend this mount.

The AZ-4 is at it's limit with my 150mm, so I use a Vixen Porta II at present, but this needs a better tripod. It would likely be better if the tubular-steel one's were available in the US, as they are across-the-pond in your nation. I have solved this, but I shouldn't have had to IMHO.

The 127mm Mak's are wonderful little telescopes. Their being the best-sellers is no accident - word travels well in the Astro-Communites we inhabit! Don't let their diminutive size fool you, Dear Readers. They pack a powerful optical package in them.



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13 minutes ago, Dave In Vermont said:

An AZ-4 (In the USA these are available from Orion (USA) under the name VersaGo II) would work with a 127mm Maksutov-Cassegrain - fit these like the proverbial glove. 

 Had a look at ABS and there's AZ4 minus tripod available for £50. As OP is on a budget, I would suggest considering second hand options, at least for some parts of the rig. 

 There is also Vixen Porta II for £145, minus tripod again, which I think is reasonable. Add to that Skywatcher Mak150, found £200 used, and you have a little performer. £345 total. Ok tripod is needed but these can be sourced for cheap. 


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