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NGC 7822 in HA


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This HA data was taken over 3 nights.  Finally figured out SGPRO and was able to perform meridian flips and got a full nights data and then small amount from the other 2.  Processed in Pixinsight and finished up in photoshop.  I tried to keep the processing simple.  I will continue to gather OIII and SII data on this target.  I actually think this may be the highest integration time on a target i have since i started imaging.  Should be a lot easier with the Mach1 and its simple automation features that i wasn't used to with my CGEM DX.

To me this target resembles a skull looking to the left and down, screaming, lol. 

29 x 1200s images 9 hours 40 mins of data with all calib files except for flats, i have to redo those.

HA Process 1 - PS.png

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2 minutes ago, Rodd said:

Very nice.  Now I see why a bigger FOV is better with this target.  Wonderful detail.


Thanks Rodd.  I like the FOV but, i want to see what detail inside the core.  This does show an awful lot more of the surrounding nebula that kinda makes it pop in the middle however.

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I ended up going through my subs out of curiosity since i had forgot to before and just stacked them, to find out half my subs were out of focus due to a shift right at the meridian flip.  I ordered a moonlite autofocuser so cure this.  I had a play at the data that wasn't jacked up.  Way less processing and sharpening and less contrast boost.  I did do a bit of star reduction.  I think it looks cleaner and things stand out just a bit better since not being washed out....could just be my eyes playing tricks since i keep going back to it, lol.


HA 7822 Half Subs - PS copy.png

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