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Belated Intro

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Hello to All,

Sitting indoors listening to the wind howling around and taking in some of the post on SGL and I realised that I had not introduced myself.

I have been trying to produce reasonable Astro images for about 5 years now. I have been doing "Normal" photography for many years and have always wanted a telescope to look at the night skies, I think watching the first moon landing live on TV might have had something to do with it.  

I was inspired to do something after a visit to the Griffith observatory in Los Angeles where I saw Saturn for the first time through the 300mm refractor with a focal length of 5 meters, Hooked

Having purchased a Startravel 102 on an Alt Az mount the natural progression into photography came along. With the associated money pit that imaging involves to get the right kit.

My job as a School caretaker takes up a large amount of time and combining good weather and available nights is a bit hit and miss. Hence the lack of images to show.

Having left Astronomy alone for a while I am attempting to devote more time and rekindle my enthusiasm.

Best regards to all.

P.S. How do I adjust the line spacing on posts?




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And a belated "Greetings and welcome to SGL - it's good to have you join us!"

There! That's out of the way! :p

Don't know about line-spacing. I simply adjusted to it. But it does strike me as being a bit wide. Maybe someone on staff can supply an answer?

Starry Skies,


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Welcome from land down under, where skies are always clear

Just starting venturing into AP myself, and getting lot of help from my fellow club members

Software is the biggest issue for stacking

Remember also, if time lapsing for X light images by 20seconds, need also to take same number of dark images using same exposure. (Lens cap on)





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