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Skywatcher Esprit 80 questions


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Hello. I tried to look for answers for few questions, but could not find anything solid. I'am ordering the esprit 80 tomorrow if all things are clear.


My new setup will be eq-6 mount, esprit 80 and Nikon D5100 coldfinger cooled/full spectrum modified. All will be in my observatory.




1. How to connect 2'' IDAS-LPS-D1 filter to the field flattener whit DSLR?

2. What sized tube rings can be used? I would like flexure free guide scope mounting?

3. How is the rotation working? Captains wheel?

4. Is there anything I should be aware, or ask the dealer before I order?



Will the 2" filter go inside the reducer to the telescope side?



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1. Don't know! Can't help with this one

2. The rings that are supplied are solid aluminium and have tapped hole on the top to accommodate other plates being attached.

3. Yes, but there is also a locking collar on the focuser itself that can be undone to rotate the accessory, rather than the entire focuser

4. Tell him to hurry up :):)


I have the 100, but I believe the focuser (apart from being slightly bigger - 3" as opposed to 2.7" is the same)



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 Since you will be using an NIKON CAMERA I can't answer to your question! Since I am an EOS user, and for EOS I would have ordered the Filter, Hutech IDAS LPS-D1 CLIP-Filter and would have not used a 2” filter..

The best would be, once you order your ESPRIT to ask the question to the shop, so they can offer to you a solution and you could order the ESPRIT + the ADAPTER/s  for your 2" filter..




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The adapter is suplyed whit the esprit. My dealer said it is adapter B. Screws in to the focuser and does not effect sensor distance.


There is clip in filters for nikon also. But whit 200-300e. I would like to use my existing 2" filter.


All good. Waiting for final price and then will be getting new scope! :)

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