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SCB-2000 with C8 at F6.3

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Astro_king    101

Hi Guys,

Quick update!

So I managed to test the C8 again with the SCB2000 and this time I attached the old focal reducer on the camera which sat behind the main focal reducer 6.3 from celestron.


It took forever to focus and the mirror reached the end of the anti clockwise movement and I hadn't almost just reached focus with the star still in ring form. I then pushed the camera further in until it just about touched the focal reducer and voila i had focus!

Without the 6.3 focal reducer I could reach focus fine when the primary mirror was somewhere in the middle but the star was brighter and bigger so wanted the widest field of view possible. This however turned out to be too wide as the double cluster got in the field of view fine with a lot more space left over than I had imagined. This also meant objects like M92 were too small to view appreciate. You get some loose some I guess.


Unfortunately, I didn't have the sky glow filter with me this time so the pictures are washed out mostly with LP on top of that I didn't care about clearing up the dew as this was a test session anyway with the sky being partly cloudy, though it surprisingly cleared up later on to pave way for more observing and testing.


That said, this is all a test for my observatory I plan to build soon and so the setup included Stellarium via EQmod on Heq5 mount.


Attached are pictures to figure out the field of view and see what you guys think of the result.


I must admit it was an absolute joy to select a target in stellarium and see it centered on screen with 8 second exposure. The centered star is VEGA every time in 8 second exposure mode and in video mode live view where it looks like a dot.


When I took the camera out, I was surprised to see dew/mist buildup on the focal reducer. Didn't expect that to be honest and don't know how to avoid it either (photo attached).


Also the two stars in one picture is Almach.













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