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Strange problem with Explore scientific CC

Guest Tuomo

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Few days ago i got ES CC from local astroshop. So far so good. You can connect your CC to imager (dslr in this case) in 2 ways. T2 or M48.....BUT!


If you happen to have full frame sensor T2 would cause vingetting. For that reason, enter M48! But...but...WHY ON EARTH IS THE M48 WITH 1mm THREADS RATHER THAN NORMAL 0.75mm!?


So....ahem....anyone been able to find Canon DSLR bayonette with M48x1mm mount? Anyone been using ESHRCC with Baader zero tolerance bayonette? There must be way to use that provided M48x1mm adapter properly in some way.


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3 hours ago, Leveye said:

They make wide EOS T-rings. Thats what you want. M48 instead of T2. Baader makes a great one that even holds a filter.

Yes yes, but that is THE problem. Cc needs m48x1mm threaded adapter. Every adapter I know is m48x0.75mm.

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23 hours ago, alacant said:

Hi. Send a m48x1 tap through a m48x0.75 adaptor? Maybe best to ask Bresser. This guy is good: primoz.bole@bresser.de HTH.

I contacted Primoz. Lets see how it goes. Thanks again!

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