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SGL 2017 SP - Pitch Plan


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Version 3 of the pitch plan.


It's starting to fill up nicely but still plenty of room if anybody would like to come along - bookings are still open :)



* Updated to version 3, 4th October 2017.

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Sooooo looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up.  This'll be my 3rd SGL meet. I love every aspect of it, especially the quiz @michaelmorris. I'm sure you'll do a sterling job. ...as usual. What was the nominal payment for 'winners' ?.........room temperature ale if I'm not mistaken ??

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13 hours ago, Ally8446 said:

Cool. ...the three amigos are together @Twisted Lip. Lizzie will be delighted @PhotoGav. She thinks you're a lovely bloke ?

Tell Lizzie I've become bitter and twisted since we last met, I just swear at people these days... 

Really looking forward to our geek week. The only problem might be Will's new tour bus - it's huge and will block most horizons. Let's hope for clear skies and not too much Herefordshire mist!

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48 minutes ago, simmo70 said:

Thanks for this  makes a bit more sense now.  What would be a help is if against each number it had something indicating if electric or not :)


Oak, Kingfisher and Buzzard are all EHU, if you look at the plan it shows that the right hand side of Hare has EHU and the left hand side doesn't, nor do the last few on the river side.



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2 hours ago, DaveS said:

Hope I've got enough extension cable.

My adaptor block has 15m, and I've just bought a 10m and 25m extension lead from GO

I'm on Pitch 49, Buzzard.

You'll have plenty.  Just make sure not to keep it coiled up when you are using it.  Or if you do let me know so that I can toast the marshellows the your bonfire that was your tent.

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