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Rather on impulse, I purchased a Sky-watcher AZ GoTo tripod head (pictured below). I thought I'd use it to make a more stable GoTo mount for my Nexstar 127mm Mak, either by making an adaptor to fit the head on a AZ-4/EQ-5 type tripod, or mounting the head permanently in the garden on a wooden tripod fixed in turn to three tree stumps.

Has anyone any experience, or any better ideas?

By the way, the SW and Celestron parts are identical except for the colour of the plastic rim.


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If you got some ply you could do what i did with my star discovery and make a wooden pier mount for this i bought some angle brackets to mount one of these to a ply base, i might still have them

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Geoff, these are the brackets i had in mind,


Imagine a ply base, i was going to use a disk made from 18mm Birch with 6 of these, 1 each side of where the tripod leg would fit, use the leg bolt and then fasten to ply

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Thanks. Those brackets are not expensive. :happy11:

Actually, rather than use disks I might make up wooden legs to connect direct to the head via some metalwork, and fix the legs to the ground. But I have a lot of other stuff to do at the moment. 

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    • By hukay
      Bought this mount for a cheap price and I found out that there is something missing...maybe a gear???
      I need your expertise on where to get parts for my  mount or anyone who can 3D print the parts? 

    • By Gevorg
      I am trying to setup the Skywatcher MC 102/1300 SkyMax BD AZ-S GoTo telescope+mount.
      What I did:
      Start from parking mode. The telescope is aligned to north. Turned it on and aligned with 2 stars. During the alignment the tracking is turning on all the time and moving the telescope position. Then when I try to go to some star the north/south motion never ends. While the East/West motion stops at right location. This is really wild to me. Can someone help with understanding what is the problem ?
    • By BRUN
      I bought this at the start of the year with some xmas cash i had, and its been great, but recently ive had back issues from the gym, and my neighbour has installed a load of lights in their garden, meaning i now need something a bit lighter and more portable so i can go elsewhere to observe.
      It is a used scope obviously but as far as i know its in good condition, all the GoTo system works, ive never messed with any screws for collimation etc as i dont know how to do it lol, the previous owner assured me the mirror has never been cleaned or touched, and its been kept in my garage under a telescope cover, the middle cover, the EP cover, and the elasticated end cover are all with it.
      The previous owner has fitted wheels to the base which does make it moveable, but i thought that by pushing it up the street it might affect collimation so ive only ever pushed it a few feet and then lifted it out of my garage. Also fitted is a counterweight, I found this really helps. It will also come with a light shroud, pretty sure its the Astrozap one, and the original EP's. 
      As far as im aware it was the previous owner who added the GoTo handset to this scope, im pretty sure it didnt come with it from new, it had a smaller controller with no display which will also come with it, it all works fine ive never had a problem with it, the only small issues ive had were all user error as this is my first scope, wrong date and time etc
      Being reasonably new to astronomy im not quite sure what to price this at, and it would be collection only im afraid, from St Helens, Merseyside. I still have the original boxes if required but obviously the base is built up so wouldnt go back in the box.
      Pics to follow soon
      Looking on eBay i can see two 250 dobs priced at £400+, neither are the flextube or have GoTo
      Price reduced to £500 as id like a quick sale, ive bought a new scope now and need to the money for a few bits for that before i go away on holiday
    • By Jupiters
      I have some questions about what accessories to get for my Celestron Nexstar 4se. Keep in mind that this'll be my first telescope and I'm really excited to see the moon and planets like Jupiter and Saturn! I looked for starter guides on which accessories are a must but I didn't find any. Will I need specific eye pieces (I know nothing about eye pieces and which ones are better, etc.) to see some planets clearly? I'm fairly new to astronomy so any helpful tip would be great! 
      Thank you
    • By Astro_king
      For sale is a Celestron Nexstar 5se telescope with Go to mount kept in immaculate condition. This mount comes with a 25mm Plossal lens (non celestron).
      Only thing I haven't done is clean it since it was bought as never felt the need to but new buyer might want to make it all shiny and give it a thorough clean.
      There is no power cable included with mount as it doesn't come with one but it takes 8 AA sized batteries which are enough to power it on and make it the perfect grab and go scope for planetary and many Deep space objects.
      Price: £549
      Available for collection only from Manchester, England.
      Open to offers
      This telescope sells for RRP £800 so grab yourself a bargain!

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