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DIY mount for small GoTo

Cosmic Geoff

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Rather on impulse, I purchased a Sky-watcher AZ GoTo tripod head (pictured below). I thought I'd use it to make a more stable GoTo mount for my Nexstar 127mm Mak, either by making an adaptor to fit the head on a AZ-4/EQ-5 type tripod, or mounting the head permanently in the garden on a wooden tripod fixed in turn to three tree stumps.

Has anyone any experience, or any better ideas?

By the way, the SW and Celestron parts are identical except for the colour of the plastic rim.


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Geoff, these are the brackets i had in mind,


Imagine a ply base, i was going to use a disk made from 18mm Birch with 6 of these, 1 each side of where the tripod leg would fit, use the leg bolt and then fasten to ply

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