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I've been toying with te idea of getting the skymax 127 for a while, and I've noticed the picture has changed now to one with a rather unsightly green dovetail.


After seeing this video, I noticed that the older one says Schoot glass on the side, and came with 2" diagonal.

The newer version seems to have a 1.25" diagonal now and doesn't have the label on the side.

Can anyone confirm this? Would it not using Schott glass anymore have an impact on quality?



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The early ED refractors didn't have the Schott emblem on them, but the glass still came from Schott. I wouldn't worry in the slightest about the Mak not having the emblem on the tube as its almost certainly still Schott glass. Even if SkyWatcher now use another glass manufacturer, the optical quality of the glass itself is bound to be of very high quality. It's the optical engineers not Schott that turn the glass into the amazingly good Maksutov Cassegrain. 

I've used many Mak Casses but can't remember any that came with a 2" diagonal. And as far as the green dovetail goes, I think its probably a new colour scheme that SkyWatcher are introducing. The new AZ5 has a green ring on the altitude axis, so may be its going to be a theme across the board?!

I wouldn't worry about the optics, I'm sure they will be excellent! Worst case scinareo, you can simply return the scope if it isn't up to the same high standard, but I'm sure it will be! :happy11:

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The 127 Skymax is a very capable scope, i have never heard of it being sold with 2" diagonal, though skywatcher do list it on the international website, this scope was designed to work well with 1.25 EP`s

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I just got a Skymax 180 and also didn’t have the Schott logo like my Skymax 150 has. I emailed skywatcher and they told me they no longer put the logo on their scopes but still use Schott glass. I wouldn’t worry about it. My 150 was an amazing scope and can’t wait to try the 180! I just need it to stop raining! It’s been raining for a week!

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My understanding is that the Schott logo was a time-limited marketing deal between Skywatcher and Schott that has now run out. They still use the same glass (changing it would require major optical redesign), they just don’t advertise it. 

I agree the green is unsightly. I got a Russian Intes instead - that thing is SUPPOSED to be unsightly, it is part of the charm!

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