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Arc minute

Reinforcing OTA newt

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Since it is saturday, I can ask silly questions, eh?

There are posts describing how fellow astronomers have made improvements to their steel tubed newts. However, it seems that these topics are quite old and the accompanied photos are no longer available. From the descriptions it can be determined that all have approached this by adding the strengthening plate inside the tube. (And now the silly part) Why everyone has been doing it to the inside of the tube? It would seem that reinforcing with a plate to the outside of the tube should yield the same effects with lot less effort; no extra flocking, no need to disassemble the whole ota etc.. 

Of course adding the additional plate outside the tube will affect the amount backfocus available but the effect would be marginal. 

There is probably something I Am missing here so please enlighten me, so I can avoid doing this twice ;).


Thanks, and great saturday for you all!

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I'm not sure here,  but it is it because adding them to the outside would make it more complicated with any tube rings fitted to the scope tube, plus it'll make it cosmetically uglier on the outside rather than the inside where these supports are not seen mostly? 

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Thanks Gus! Yes the tube rings is a good one, have to test If it has any effect If the plate covers the whole circumference. I would think that the ring would still fit, but this has to be tested. 

Cosmetics is not a problem, atleast for me, since I use the scope in the dark and threre's no one looking anyways ;)

One thing I have Been pondering is that If the plate is placed inside the tube and you don't make it to cover the whole circumference of The OTA (is not a complete tube), how it might make various reflections/diffractions. Does anyone have experience on this?


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    • By Cosmic Geoff
      With reluctance I am looking to sell my 200mm aperture f5 Helios Newtonian OTA. (Helios is a brand that became incorporated into Skywatcher - this closely resembles Skywatcher OTAs)
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      Decided to put  cooling fans on my newtonians a 200pds and a 130pds ,used a 120mm on the 200 and a 80mm on the 130pds ,i used, Be Quite silent Wings2 fans they  use rifle bearings and are so quite German made, i did the 200 first and was impressed with this make so ordered the same make for the 130 pds it comes with a lead with four wires but only needed neg ang pos so snipped other two out ,  made a disc from plastic and cut out around collimation screws on primary then used velcro to attach to OTA  fitted a 2.1mm  dc socket on to the disc then bought a usb lead  to 2.1mm barrel though i may fit another 2.1mm socket on my power box and use 12v either way it works ,i used a dimmer on the 200pds but it doesnt need it and wouldn't use it again but its fitted now so will leave in place. 

    • By Ulysses31
      So, I have gone and got myself a Skywatcher Star Discovery 150p, which has so far proved to be a very good little scope and I've had some very good results.
      I have now got the bug for imaging and have gone out and got myself a second hand Nikon D5100 and verious other equipment needed to do this, only to now find I can't get Prime Focus!!!!!!!! So the only way I can image is using a barlow x2 which obviously changes the F ratio from F5.5 to F11 slowing everything x2 this isn't to bad for planetary imaging but for DSO images not so good!!! 
      After searching through lots of videos on to do this all I can find is...... 
      I can either butcher the standard rack and pinion focuser that's fitted on it by cutting it down and rethreading it or by moving the primary up by 20-25mm,  which seems a shame to do a brand new scope still under warranty! 
      The only other option I have come up with is changing the focuser to a Skywatcher Low Profile  Dual Speed Focuser For Newtonian Reflectors. 
      Could anyone out there shed any light on this before I spend another £130 on the new focuser. 
    • By PeterWar
      Hello everyone,
      A couple of months ago I bought a 16" Meade ACF F8 OTA from a dealer in Europe to be used in my observatory. I'm now concerned that this OTA has a severe optical issue, as stars won't come completely to focus, I've tried time and repeatedly and the lower FHWM I've been able to measure in Maxim DL is 8.0.
      I've also tried to use it visually at magnitude 90x and I could not get sharp stars at all. This week I used a newly acquired artificial star and a ronchi ocular to do some tests an to check for collimation. Using the Atik Infinity camera, I've detected what seems to be a rough edge with its own diffraction pattern. This asymmetry is present both in focus and out focus on opposite edges respectively.
      All testing has been done with the scope acclimated to the outside temperature, no diagonals nor other optical elements are present.
      Also, the ronchi test shows potential spherical aberration and some zone aberrations, although we lack the experience to make a definitive diagnostic.
      I'm attaching some pictures below in the hopes that someone could tell me what's going on:




      Some pictures of the aberration infocus and outfocus.

      A picture using Maxim DL of a star at the "sharpest" point of focus, notice the tails of the star on the right hand side.

      A picture of M13 showing the sharpest point of focus.
      As always your input is much appreciated.
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