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Return of the Star71 - Sh2-171


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Well, after nearly 9 months I thought it was high time that I fired up the Star71 to see what I've been missing.

And to my astonishment - I'd forgotten just how good that telescope is. Its a fine example of what happens when you have a Mk1 version that hits all the right notes :) I thought I would stick with narrowband since the LP level around here have gotten progressively worse - what with people insisting they have their (in)security lights on, and those pesky solar powered LED lights.... not just one or two, but 20 of the bleeders! (which lit the place up like a flamin battlefield!).

Its also the first time in ages that I've left the camera pointing at the same spot for more than a couple of hours, rather than taking on another mosaic...lol. And for 5 hours, its turned out pretty noise-free.

Colour? Hmmmm, still thinking about that. Maybe tonight if the Moon doesnt get in the way too much.



20x900 (Ha)

Star71, NEQ6, Atik 383L+

Thanks for looking! :)



For pixel peepers and corner freaks - Fullsize

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9 minutes ago, Barry-Wilson said:

There is no evident rustiness in this glorious Ha mono.  More data with some NB - this target yields a sublime Hubble treatment.

Fingers crossed for your skies.

Cheers Barry, I'll see if I can bag some OIII tonight. As for SII, I havent got that filter yet - but rather than buy another Samyang lens, I might just get the filter instead and save a few quid.

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Thanks for the comments guys :)

And yep, Im out tonight - hoovering up some OIII. There really isnt a lot in it, but perhaps just enough for a cannistra process. Though I probably wont get round to it until tomorrow at least (need to shoot new OIII flats first).

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