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Eclipse from start to finish!

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Hi all. 

I've prepared this sequence of images showing the entire eclipse, captured with a Canon 700d and 70-300mm zoom at 300mm f/8, from Casper Wyoming at an altitude of 1,570 m. The partial phases were captured every 5 minutes at 1/2000 sec with a Baader filter. Totality was captured with a range of exposures from 1/4 second for the corona, and 1/1000 second for Bailey's Beads and the Diamond Ring. 

The captures were automated using the superb SETnC software, and the camera was tracked on a driven AZ mount, leaving me to enjoy the visual experience. And what an experience! The AZ mount resulted in field rotation, as can be seen in the position of the sunspots, but that didn't bother me. There was also some high cloud which appeared at the end. Click on the image and you should get a larger 6050 x 3300 image. The original image is vast!


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