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SW AZ Goto Mount, Tripod , hand controller.

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Good mount in very good used condition - £100

No OTA .

Buyer collects . Open to sensible swap offers - I need a good Barlow and always happy to look at good EP,s.


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11 hours ago, BRUN said:

any pics ?


Will post pics ASAP. 

Product is on FLO mounts section with pics. Mine is in very good condition.


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    • By draacul
      I have an xt10g go to dobsidian with a couple issues I can't figure out.
      #1 the tracking and goto are not tracking properly. I point the tube to the north, plug it in and set to tracking in the menu... no go. it moves but not correctly. the goto is  a train wreck... as soon as I start alignment it will point at ground or swing wildly past where it is designed to go. I have to hit escape to stop it from hosing out the motors.
      I read about similar issue and the guy said something about needing to enter all the digits in the date on the firmware... not sure about it.
      I have updated firmware reset to factory, put in my time to figure it out (called tech support, spent many nights obsessing over it) no luck though.this issue is also with using ascom drivers with stellarium on my pc.
      any thoughts on what this might be?
      issue #2
      synscan wifi adapter i never have been able to get it working.. the wifi hotspot it generates will drop connection so i can never get into doing the setup on synscan.
      I think both issues are related to firmware but I am lost. please help
      version 5 handset controller with USB on bottom
      got new handset when my original was DOA
      xt10g skywatcher/orion
      random frustrated firmware updates. might be hosed out
      Jupiter and the Moon were awesome tonight
       was clear here!
    • By Giedrius05
      Dear colleagues,
      I am new in astronomy and got my SkyWatcher Star Discovery 150Pi WiFi AZ GoTo, however I am experiencing one big problem. When I try to align my telescope using SynScan Pro app on laptop or smartphone the telescope always points wrong direction. I do not have hand controller.
      I set telescope north using compass, enter latitude and longitude, but when try to align 1 star or 2 stars, telescope spins way, way off. When the star is in the South East it shows north east, or sometimes points absolutely wrong direction. When it is set on the north and object is 98 degrees east it goes some 30 degrees. It also points lower or higher.
      I am totally lost.
      I use 8 AA batteries.
      What I do wrong?
      How to fix this?
      Thank you.
    • By Bigwings
      I need my garage back so am selling my excess mounts.
      1. EQ5 motorised on both axis.
      No tripod this was mounted ony pier. Tracks well. 
      £100 Collect only because of weight .
      2. An older type Skywatcher AZ goto mount that came with my SkyMax 127. Good condition .
      £100 Collect please but might be able to send if you arrange courier.
      SOLDto Pitbull ...thanks
      3. AZ GTi  goto in excellent condition . Still have the box so can send at cost.
      The pic shows it with a telescope on it which is not included.
      Location just north of Newark on A1
      Clear Skies.
      Thanks for looking
      All Sold.
      mods VB please move

    • By adder001
      Skywatcher Skymax 127 Synscan AZ GOTO
      Barlow Lens (1.25")
      6x30 Finderscope
      90° Star Diagonal (1.25”)- Repaired
      SynScan AZ GoTo Computerised Alt-Azimuth HD Go-To Mount with Handset
      Stainless Steel Tripod with Accessory Tray
      Skywatcher WiFi Adapter (This is so you can use your mobile phone for control to control the scope instead of the handset)
      Celestron Powertank with cable & charging plug
      T Adappter & Ring for Canon 1300D Camera
      Meade 8- 24 Zoom lens
      Bahtinov mask x 2, One for telescope and a small one for canon camera lens
      L Bracket for attaching a camera to the mount rather than piggybacking onto the scope
      Plastic carry case for lenses masks etc.
      Diy Solar filter using Baader Solar Film
      Turn Left at Orion Book and The Sky at Night paperback Patrick Moore
      This telescope and accessories are only 6 month old and I have only used it 3 times, so it is like brand new except for the star diagonal which has been repaired.
      Powertank was bought at christmas and has only been charged once
      The star diagonal got dropped and the silver insert (the bit that you put the eyepiece into) that screws into it became slightly loose
      in the threads so I repaired it by putting superglue on the threads and screwing it back in.
      It is held solid now and no glue is visible and all the eyepieces fit perfectly.
      All instruction manuals and tools still in bag.
      Non Smoking Household
      £400 ono reduced
      Location Bolton, North West England. Collection or I can do local delivery in person. I would prefer this as postage would be expensive also the risk of damage in transit. If needed then I estimate around £15 due to size and amount of items if sent by courier.

    • By adder001
      Hi Folks,
      I have been happily using my new skywatcher skymax 127 on a synscan az goto mount and a question occured to me when going through the alignment procedure.
      Does the time between centering the first star in the eyepiece and aligning the second star matter.
      The reason that I ask is that sometimes the accuracy of the goto differs slightly and I am wondering could it be due to me being too slow to find the next star. I am good with constellation identifying but the star names I only know a few of the major ones such as vega, betelgeuse etc., so I have to rely on a star chart to pick a suitable star which takes maybe about an extra minute. I am wondering if the mount does not keep the 1st star centred due to setup not being fully complete at this point and obviously the earth is still rotating so the star will drift and then the reference point of this star is now not centered when aligning to the 2nd star.
      Everything else is always the same as I have already marked the ground where I put the tripod so it goes in the same place every time and levelled it with a spirit level. The power is supplied with a skywatcher powertank so I know its not a battery power problem and all the information is correct such as time/date, elevation, lat/long etc.
      It isnt massively out, so far everything I have requested has been in the FOV of my 25mm eyepiece but its just something that I wondered and also whether I could improve things.
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