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The Great North American total eclipse of 2017

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What a ride!!
5 a.m. it was crystal clear.
6 a.m. it was completely fogged over.
7 a.m. it was cloudy and looking like a complete wash.
8 a.m. it looked horrible.
8:59 a.m. whats this blue sky?!!!
9 a.m. it cleared!!!!
Hands down the most amazing event of my life. The chromosphere and corona was glorious!! I hope you all had the chance to experience it. No words but I was able to capture it for you. This was done with 15 exposures using a Stellarvue SV80ED and ATFF2 on a full frame Canon at 560mm and slightly cropped. I hope you all caught it even if it was just on the telly. No words can really describe it.

Let me know what you think of the final results. Look up!

Total Eclipse 2017 a bit bigger.jpg

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15 hours ago, Scooot said:

Yes that's wonderful. :) 

Out of interest what exposure & ISO did you use?

Why thank you. I used ISO 400 with a full frame Canon 5Dmkiii and a Stellarvue SV80ED doublet capturing quite a variation of exposures ranging from +3 to -3 in 1/2 stop increments. I was able to capture 15 images in about 50 seconds. It was over way to fast. Come on 2024!

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15 hours ago, carastro said:

Fabulous, that's the most defined corona I have seen to far.


So very kind thank you Carole. It came close to not happening with our crazy weather here on the coast especially this day. Proud to be one of the first to view and capture it. Not easy to do now that I've bagged my first here.

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