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( Edit 20 Aug: adjusted to increase brightness )


The Fighting Dragons of Ara ( NGC 6188 )


( please click/tap on image to see larger and sharper )




The Fighting Dragons of Ara ( NGC 6188 )


( please click/tap on image to see larger and sharper )

Bright Nebula NGC 6188 and open cluster NGC 6193 are embedded 4,300 light years away in the Sagittarius arm of our Milky Way galaxy and can be seen with the naked eye south of Scorpius in the constellation of Ara.

With powerful stellar winds and energetic ultra-violet radiation, massive stars sculpt the interstellar gas and dust of the nebula into wonderful shapes and cause the interstellar gas to brightly fluoresce.  

Closer to the hot young stars of the cluster, bright blue “sunlight” reflects off the clouds of gas and dust to produce the blue reflection nebulae seenin the image.

Magnitude +5.19, RA 16h 41m 42s, Dec -48deg 48' 46".
Approx. 3800 light years away.

Image details:

Plate Solution:
Resolution .......0.586 arcsec/px ( original full size image ).
Rotation .......... 89.764 deg.
Pixel size ........ 3.90 um.
Field of view ..... 58' 41.6" x 39' 9.5".
Image center ...... RA: 16 40 09.856  Dec: -48 41 22.50.
Image bounds:.   
top-left ....... RA: 16 42 10.059  Dec: -49 10 30.54.   
top-right ...... RA: 16 42 06.489  Dec: -48 11 57.14.   
bottom-left .... RA: 16 38 11.010  Dec: -49 10 39.74.   
bottom-right ... RA: 16 38 11.897  Dec: -48 12 05.58.

Orion Optics CT12 Newtonian ( mirror 300mm, fl 1200mm, f4 ).
Corrector: ASA 2" Coma Corrector Quattro 1.175x.
Effective Focal Length / Aperture : 1410mm f4.7.

Mount: Skywatcher AZ Eq6 GT.
Guiding: TSOAG9 Off-Axis-Guider, Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2, PHD2 .

Nikon D5300 (unmodified) (sensor 23.5 x 15.6mm, 6016x4016 3.9um pixels).

Blue Mountains, Australia 
Moderate light pollution ( pale green zone on darksitefinder.com map ).

Capture ( 24 June 2017 ).
12 sets of sub-images with exposure duration for each set doubling ( 1/8s to 240s ) all at ISO800.
34 x 240s + 10 each @ 1/8s to 120s.

Processing ( Pixinsight - 19 Aug 2017  ).
Calibration: master bias, master flat and no darks.
Integration in 12 sets.
HDR combination


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The Fighting Dragons of Ara ( NGC 6188 ) - Scrapbook page


( Please click / tap on image to see larger and sharper )

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