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First real attempts at WL


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First use in anger with the Lunt Herschel Wedge (thanks @Zakalwe :) ) and have a spent a morning dodging the clouds!! Blue sky all around - except over the sun, of course!!

300 frames captured with GP Acquire, 5x barlow (thanks @Stu:) ), ED100, Lunt Herschel Wedge and Baader Continuum filter.


Stacked in AS!2 without really knowing what I was doing and a little USM in PI...

Focus is off slightly I think...

Something somewhere is not clean, do you guys take flats for these, or some other restorative process?



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Good first light! I've got that thumbscrew for you, by the way.

Yes, flats will sort out the dust bunnies...just deforms and take a movie. Autostakkert will then create a flat for calibration. Those dust spots look like they are on the camera window.

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Excellent first white light.  Flats are easy enough - just take 500 frames of "blue sky" and use "create master frame" to produce your flat.  You then need to "Load master flat" Before you open any lights (easy to forget!! :) ) and process in the usual way.  It is easier however to clean the camera window!

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