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Cephus - Cygnus border (tester)


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Last night was my first trip out to the dark site for two months, so I was keen to get a move on with completeing the galactic core mosaic I started back in May.... however, the sky had different ideas - the horizon area was quite murky so no chance of any good data there. So... backup plan B

I still ended up with cloud damage on the right hand pane (its visible in the larger star halos), so that panel will need to be started again really. The plan is for a 4 panel mosaic to take in the Cephus/Cygnus border area, with an additional Ha layer for IC1396 and the Bat.

The challenge.... keeping the stars down. I've used no LP filter for this image (just UV/IR block) and at f2, I found a 900s test sub to be just a bit too much so I went with 600s - at least that way the histo wasnt being pushed too far right. I've not pushed the data too much either, its only 70min per panel so it has room for improvement once I get more data.


7x600 (L) x2 panels

Samyang 135mm @f2, Atik 383L+, NEQ6

To be continued......... :)




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5 minutes ago, laser_jock99 said:

Good start, as you say the haze can cause star bloat. Hopefully the weekend might offer something more transparent? Planning a long weekend in Wales for me :-)

I've got ideas for Friday night, but I'm not pinning too much on the forecast. All I need to fix up these first two panel is 3 hours, so its entirely possible (as long as im imaging from 10pm sharp).

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