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Live view star tour with Sony A7S & SkyVision 400mm


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Yes, video made In the south of France.

And no this is of course not an advertisement... sorry if it sounds like one but it was just to show what we can have with this kind of setup. I'm just an individual... you can see some other posts I've made in the forum..

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Very impressive, immersive experience. Fantastic for outreach, would create a real wow.  Thanks for sharing. That's a very sensitive camera, would be interesting to see how it performs with a humble 8" scope at similar F ratio, presumably very similar but objects would be half the size....

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I'll just pick my jaw up off the ground now, that's incredible! Have you done any conventional DSO imaging with the A7s? Although thinking about it you probably don't need to if the live view is that good. 

I've just literally been researching Sony mirror less cameras as well, though not the full frame A7's rather the NEX-6, A5000, and A6000. 

Wonderful setup you have there :) 

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