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What C11 counter weights are available to offset the imaging camera weightY

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 My C11 is a bit heavy at the imaging train end and I need to add some weight to the end to shift the center of balance.

Does anyone know what weights are available and what they are called? It has lots of handy holes at the end of the tube

for attaching things and I´m sure I´ve seen tube shaped weights somewhere.



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How about making something? A few telescopes ago, I needed weight at the front, so Steve filled a flowerpot with concrete with a tube through the middle. Dried and painted silver..... With a long screw it was attached to a dovetail hanging off the front of the mounting dovetail. Worked a treat!!

I've got a similar problem now, and so have a combination of brass weights that a friend made and weightlifting weights..... Again attached to a dovetail from the front of the mounting plate.

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