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mikey2000    253

And it was blimmin' marvellous.   


Ive seen Jupiter before but Saturn has been alway hidden behind neighbour's houses.


last weekend, I visited a few friends in a dark part of Kent but is was largely cloudy.  Just in case, I took my 150pds and my 12mm starguider ep.


as luck would have it, the only clear patch of sky included Saturn.


what a thing to see!  With two clear rings and a moon, Saturn has just become my favourite planet  :-).  Also, with friends and their children, I was suddenly an Astronomer Rock Star.




I also showed them a few views of double stars and the Double Cluster near Cassiopeia- I may have inspired the next generation of astronomers hopefully :-)

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Galen Gilmore    297

Congrats! I just had a quick session with Saturn and saw something similar to you, a couple moons, the Cassini division, and some subtle cloud bands.

Its also interesting to me how Saturn would be a lot fainter if it didn't have rings. The rings effectively double its apparent brightness. 

Good luck in future observations.

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Pondus    576

Congrats! I think I`ve had less than 30 mins view of Saturn the last few years due to it beeing so low over my horizon.

A lovely view, isnt it :happy11:.



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mikey2000    253

It was indeed a fine view!  I had a quick fast forward in Stellarium.  I think it should be decently high in the sky for my by about 2027...  Not too long to wait in the Galactic scheme of things.:icon_biggrin:

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