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red dwalf

stellarium scope and stellarium will not sync

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red dwalf    336

i have had this problem where stellarium and stellarium scope works fine going to a target, i used to plate solve to centre onto a target but that is giving me problems now, so went back to the old method of slewing to a bright star and syncing onto it, but for some reason i can`t seem to sync the scope target onto the star, the scope target stays where it is, i have updated to the latest version of stellarium, i.e. 16 and stellarium scope, the configuration buttons on stellarium scope say that all three commands are connected, before only the slew command was showing connected, i`m using windows 10 pro with eqmod, any help in resolving this please.



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alexwolf    208

I see StellariumScope use JNow epoch - what about Stellarium?

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chrisshillito    252

Something's not right there - look at EQMOD's AZ compared to Stelariums. Check you EQMOD site location is correct.

Open up the ASCOM trace window in EQMOD and then try to sync - You should be able to tell if EQMOD is rejecting the sync, the EQMOD message center may also put out a message.


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red dwalf    336
Posted (edited)

had another try last night and it was strange, if i clicked off the target onto another part of the screen and then clicked back onto the target, when i then pressed ctrl and 3 it would sync ! very strange, messages in eqmod did not show any messages when first trying to sync with no success, it showed the command as a success when i clicked off the target and back on and sync again.

i`m not sure about which setting i should choose when selecting the side of pier drop down, it means nothing to me if you can help on that at all.

all other setting i.e. longitude and latitude and j200 are the same in both programs


untitled 1.JPG

untitled 2.JPG

untitled 3.JPG

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han59    45

I have something simular with an HEQ5, EMOD 2.0i and the HNSKY planetarium program.  It seems to occur random. it helps if you move the telescope a small portion, then sync roughly the correction and then go to the target again.  After that it syncs on the target.

I suspect it is EQMOD. It didn't happen as far I can remember with the  EQMOD 1.xx version.



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